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New Student Enrollment for the 2024-2025 School Year has begun! Believe in Yourself. Learn from the Best Teachers. Grow-up in One School. Experience a Private School Education on a Small Town Budget. Go to College...and Thrive. You will Achieve More Here. If you are interested in your student attending Marlboro Academy, please email Stacey Newton to setup a tour and assessment. The admissions process includes the following:

Completed Application

  • $50 Application Fee

Complete Request for Records

  • School Tour
  • Admissions Assessment

Why Should I Consider Marlboro Academy For My Child?

Feel Like You Belong.  From a weeknight basketball game where an entire gymnasium is vibrating with cheering parents, grandparents, siblings, and neighbors, to Mrs. Hyduke or Mrs. Davis answering the school’s main phone as has been done for many years, you feel a near-tangible sense of belonging at Marlboro Academy – a sense that no matter your background or your hometown, you will be welcomed here with open arms and open hearts.

Believe in Yourself.  Whether your student dreams of someday becoming a farmer like his/her mother or father, or a successful businessperson, actor, leader, athlete, artist, or school teacher, Marlboro Academy plants the seeds of knowledge, self-confidence, and “can-do” within each boy and girl, empowering them to always believe in themselves.

Learn from the Best Teachers.  Credentialed, experienced, and expert, Marlboro Academy teachers work one-on-one with your son or daughter to both maximize their God-given potential and open their young minds and imaginations to a universe of big ideas and even bigger opportunities.

Achieve More Here.  Our teachers encourage students to work harder, to aim higher, to achieve more, so that when they are away from campus or maybe even competing on the playing field, they’ll remember that true success and meaningful achievement can never be given and must – must – be individually earned.

Grow-up in One School.  While other local schools and school systems dictate that your child change schools as many as three times before they graduate from high school, Marlboro Academy provides your son or daughter with stability and continuity from preschool through twelfth grade, enabling our teachers to finely calibrate your child’s individual progress, month by month, year after year.

Go to College…and Thrive.  Equipped with the academic fundamentals to achieve more in the classroom and armed with the strength of character to thrive outside of it, Marlboro Academy twelfth graders are continually accepted into some of the best colleges in the southeastern United States, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships each year.