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Our History

In the beginning there was an idea. It became a plan which was invested with a great amount of hope and many hours of hard work. A modern classroom building was erected in a cotton field and a new school came into being.
The assembled students found the faculty members like concerned parents, ready to help them develop in all areas of their lives and dedicated to the highest level of instruction in subject matter. The school was strong from the beginning and was love by all involved with it.

On April 21, 1969, some residents of Marlboro and Scotland Counties met in Bennettsville to discuss forming an independent school that could serve the educational needs of children living in these and surrounding areas. As a result, Marlboro Academy was chartered, opening on September 4, 1969, with 240 students in grades 1 though 12. Today the Academy enrolls approximately 270 students in grades pre-K through 12. With over 50 years of a rich history of educating students and employing outstanding staff and administration, we are proud of our school and all it has to offer.

Marlboro Academy - 2024