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We Are The Mighty Dragons!

Marlboro Academy is committed to cultivating and sustaining a comprehensive athletic program that seeks the greatest development possible of its participants within the framework of the educational program as a whole. The goals of our athletics programs include:

  • To promote the highest ideals of commitment, sportsmanship, ethical behavior, and fair play
  • To promote physical, mental, and social growth
  • To put the best teams forward on the field or court
  • To instill positive attributes that will remain with the student long after formal education has been complete

Marlboro Academy Board of Directors and Administration welcome you to all of our athletic competitions. We expect fans to follow the guidelines listed below so everyone can enjoy these athletic events. Thank you for your support.


  1.  Encourage your team!
  2. Avoid actions which offend individual players.
  3. Treat visiting teams as you would want them to treat your team.
  4. Accept the judgment of coaches and officials.
  5. Encourage other spectators to participate in good sportsmanship!

If you have any problems please contact Administrator in charge.

Fall Sports

Cross Country
JV & Varsity Girls Volleyball
JV & Varsity Girls Tennis

Winter Sports

JV & Varsity Basketball (Boys & Girls)

Spring Sports

JV & Varsity Softball
JV & Varsity Baseball
Soccer (Boys & Girls)
Boys Tennis
Boys Golf
Sporting Clays

Coaching Staff

Cross Country

  • Paul Yarbrough


  • Lindsay Hunter


  • Billy Ray Norris
  • Makayla Pruitt
  • Raymond Sides
  • Stacey Newton


  • Rebecca Hellar
  • Saige Polk


  • Billy Ray Norris
  • Joe Critcher


  • Jenna & John Ridge
  • Joeie Giddens


  • Chris Taylor

Sporting Clays

  • Paul Yarbrough

Boys Golf

  • Stevan Hernandez